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Why Do I Have a Special Writing Program for Accountants?

Easy. There are many professional situations in which accountants must communicate well in writing, including:

  • Internal communication: e-mail and other written messages to peers, superiors and support staff
  • Ongoing client interaction: updates, information, replies to questions, either by e-mail or printed material
  • Communication with tax authorities: requiring an understanding of the different type of language and style used by this audience
  • Formal reports: financial and other business reports, including opinions --- not only a service to the client, but an important record of the work
  • Workpaper reviews: used for follow-up by managers and staff, forming an important part of engagement file
  • Proposals: nothing happens until something is sold, and a vital part of the selling of professional services is the proposal.

Although many accountants have a "gut feeling" about the importance of business writing skills, most don't make the connection between these skills and the bottom line. Read my report, "Success Account: a business case for effective business writing skills by accountants", to understand this vital connection.

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Writing for Accountants